How to recharge SoftTalk Messenger

SoftTalk Messenger credit can be purchased online or offline. We accept various popular payment methods. We want to make sure that, even if you dont have access to credit cards, you can still Top up SoftTalk Credit at ease. You can also contact us for a list of resellers in your city or If you would like to become our resellers, fill out this Form

Apple Users: You would need to add either iTunes Card, debit or credit card to your iOS account. Once added, Navigate to SoftTalk Messenger settings, tap on e-wallet, You will be presented with various credit units to buy.

Make a choice and tap on any amount, Apple will prompt you to agree to the purchase. Oolala.. Your are recharged instantly.

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Android users: Go to settings, tap on e-wallet, tap on Add credit. Paypal is the default payment processor. Very secure and trusted globally. If you dont already have an existing paypal account, No Worries! You can easily use your bank account, debit or credit card directly as an option presented to you by paypal. Simply select Bank or Card to continue

Alternative method: As an additional supported payment method, we have partnered with paystack, a Nigeria secure and reliable payment processor.

This will enable you to send payment directly to SoftTalk Communication Ltd, From your Nigeria account to Top up SoftTalk credit. Please make sure during the payment process, you have added correctly your Softtalk registered number. Pay now

Share Credit with anyone: One of our best features is the ability to share your purchased credit with your loved. This is specially important when your friends are unable to buy Softtalk credit themselves or you simply want to send them a gift to make calls. You use this feature to resell our credit and earn anywhere 5% to 20% income

You can locate this feature by going to settings, e-wallet to locate Balance Transfer

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