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Message from the CEO SoftTalk Messenger.

Dear Loyal and Valued User,

Trust you’re keeping safe in this season? Your favorite Nigeria’s Messaging App, SoftTalk Messenger has been performing series of upgrades that led to service disruptions and we are deeply sorry for the inconveniences it may have caused you. System has been fully restored

I would like to inform you about what we have done and and what to expect in the very up coming features.

As you know, many foreign service providers do not include Nigeria and some African countries on the list of supported payment options. To be the Nigeria foremost tech company that we are, we have added the possibility for you to top up your e-wallet using your Nigeria bank account, debit card etc. To top up right now click here

Balance Transfer. Many of our users are yet to understand how this feature works. It simply allows you to share your e-wallet balance with anyone using the SoftTalk Messenger. You can even channel it to fund other users who do not have the means of adding credit to their account and you may be able to make some bucks for yourself recharging others. There is no need for a printed card, just your phone and you are done… If you would like to become our reseller servicing your local community, please contact our support staff to negotiate for bulk discounts. You could earn anywhere from 5% to 20% based on your credit volume.

Stickers. Our team is working on the sticker store, where you will be able to download freely most common Nigerian “slangs” to be used in messaging.. Sometimes, an image or sticker speaks more volume than a mere text. Watch out for this and in few weeks to come.

SoftT MarketPlace: More than ever before, you will be able to Buy/Sell your products and services on the SoftTalk platform. As long as your product is genuine and original, you are fully welcome to post them on the platform and we will automate the rest and get you buyers. Stay tuned!!! If you want to suggest any feature that you think will be great do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, SoftTalk was built with vision of owing an app that we can call our own. We firmly believe our users can be our best partners and investors. If you are a founder/developer/Business mogul/Investor or private citizen that is looking to be part of a great start-up, or if you are part of a founding team with an idea that you think can change the way things are done today, feel free to send me a note:

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12 thoughts on “Message from the CEO SoftTalk Messenger.

  1. Thank you chief.. we are strongly behind you on this. I will be using my Nigeria bank account to be recharging now. Thanks for adding that

  2. I need airtime and to call my family has been chat your customer service no reply why now

  3. Dear Admin,
    Please l’ve been trying to use my soft talk app to call my love one’s in Nigeria, but not going through even when I still have credit on my e-wallet package. Regards.

      1. Thanks, I’ve tried it’s been resolved to be precise. My best regards.

        Dear Admin,
        Please l’ve been trying to use my soft talk app to call my love one’s in Nigeria, but not going through even when I still have credit on my ewallet

  4. Dear admin, People living in EKITI & ONDO- STATE of NIGERIA was unable to download the app after introducing them to the app, please I would like if you can look into this to know why, because friends and family living in osun, Lagos & Edo state was able to download it, in case of Ekiti & Ondo state was unable download. Thanks.

    1. App does not select states in Nigeria. As long as you have a gsm number you are good to go.
      If for any reason, you dont get an OTP code, Please send a message from the same phone to our support and get in return for a code to get verified. 08145545344

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